Sea Turtle Foundation work with a range of businesses and organisations to achieve our goals of reducing threats to turtle populations. Our work could not continue without this invaluable support, whether as a corporate sponsor or a collaborative partner.


Heron Island

For several years, Sea Turtle Foundation has partnered with the Heron Island Resort off the coast of central Queensland to support efforts to protect the local turtle population and provide information for visitors to the island.

Guests are invited to add an additional $10 to their bill on checkout, which is donated to Sea Turtle Foundation to support our work.


Project Ark Foundation

 Project Ark Foundation was founded in 2017, by three trustees who decided to create a new charity concept after being inspired by conservation work across the globe. The charity aims to contribute to the cause of protecting endangered species and the planet's biodiversity through educating the public. The charity's educational initiatives hope to encourage a growth in concern and consequently a growth in action. Project Ark Foundation offers the public the opportunity to engage with knowledge on the subject made available through the charity's website, it also offers further resources such as lectures, seminars, events and more.