For over 120 million years, sea turtles have survived in the world’s oceans, crossing great distances in an epic journey that starts from birth. Today, human impacts and a changing environment threaten their existence. Can the turtles survive?

Sea turtles are perfectly adapted to their environment. Their unique life cycle, body shape, strength and tenacity have enabled them to adapt to a constantly changing environment for over 120 million years, a period in which many other animals – including the dinosaurs – became extinct.

In the past the world’s oceans were home to vast numbers of sea turtles. Although the chances of survival were slim for an individual sea turtle hatchling due to many and varied natural threats, as a population they were incredibly successful.

But now human impacts have seriously depleted sea turtle populations to the point where we are in danger of losing some species forever. Today the long term future of sea turtles is uncertain.

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