Sometimes it is just difficult to know where to start.

There are many different things you can do to encourage your friends and others to support our work to protect endangered sea turtles. These can be as simple as putting a donation box in your school or business or a much bigger event such as organising a school or community fun run.

Here are just a few suggestions of things you might like to consider trying:


Film Night

Feature an environmental film and charge a small amount to view. Of course, if you have  appropriate weather and a suitable location, you could also have an outdoor film night.

Trivia Night

Organise a Trivia Night at a local pub


Organise an auction and ask people to donate items that they no longer need. Not only can you raise funds but you can also make sure that people’s unused items from home are be put to good use.


Ask local business to donate prizes which you can offer as prizes in a raffle


Fun Run/Walk

Ask participants to pay a fee to participate in a fun trek. You could encourage everyone to dress up in a marine themed costume to raise awareness as you go and also collect donations along the way.

Car wash

Organise a group of friends to run a car wash at a local shopping centre or other suitable location. These can be lots of fun and all you need is a hose, some buckets, cloths/sponges, some detergent and lots of energy

Kite Competition

Ask for donations of used paper, plastics and other materials and run a competition to make a kite. You can then have fly the kites and have some judges choose the winners in categories such as best flyer or most attractive kite


Cake Stall

Ask people at your school to bake a treat that can be sold in a stall at school

Free dress day

Students get a day off from wearing their uniform in return for a small donation

Art competition

Get students to do a portrait of their pet and hold an exhibition for parents and family to come along and see in return for a small donation.

Teacher baby photo competition

Ask teachers and other school staff to bring in a photo of themselves when they were a baby. People can then enter a competition to match the baby photo with a photo of themselves as an adult. Participants can pay a small fee to enter and all the correct everyone who gets all the answers correct can go in the draw to win a prize

Reusable Bag Design

You could have a marine-themed art competition. The winner’s design could be printed onto reusable cloth bags, which could then be sold through the school. Not only do you get an environmental message out but you also encourage people to reduce their use of disposable plastic bags, which is good for everyone.

We would love to hear from anyone who would like to organise a fundraising event for sea turtle foundation. If you do run an activity, remember to take lots of photos of you and your group in action so we can show everyone how you are helping through our website, social media and newsletter.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss any of these or other ideas about how to contribute to the work being done by Sea Turtle Foundation.


This information can be downloaded here as a PDF file Fundraising Ideas

Fantastic Fundraisers

Here are just some of the brilliant examples of individuals or groups that have gone out of their way to raise awareness and raise valuable funds for Sea Turtle Foundation. We are eternally grateful for these efforts.

Jocelyn – Fundraising Champion


In early 2018 we were contacted by a fabulous 10 year old girl from New South Wales, named Jocelyn. She loves turtles and wanted to do something to help. Since then, she has become a true champion for turtles, promoting awareness about the importance of their protection at her school and supporting Sea Turtle Foundation.

In the past few weeks, Jocelyn has been busy baking and selling cookies and turtle cupcakes. So far she has managed to raise over $160 for Sea Turtle Foundation. An amazing effort and very inspiring to see her take on the turtle cause with such enthusiasm.