• Turtle Adoption Pack

    $40.00 inc. GST
    Sea Turtle Foundation are happy to announce that we now have a limited number of Turtle Adoption Packs available for sale.
    All proceeds from your adoption will be used to support various Sea Turtle Foundation projects to protect sea turtles throughout Australia and beyond

  • STF Original KeepCup

    $14.00$18.00 inc. GST

    Reduce your waste production by getting a stylish reusable Sea Turtle Foundation coffee cup. Available in three sizes.

  • Turtle Trials DVD

    $4.95 inc. GST

    Turtle Trials – the story of a sea turtle’s migration (DVD).

    Swimming silently beneath the waves, a female sea turtle begins her epic migration to nest on a beach far away.

    Follow her as she makes her incredible migration from feeding grounds to nesting beach and discover the trials that she and her hatchlings must face.

  • Flipper Key Tag

    $9.95 inc. GST

    Get yourself and all your friends the perfect gift with a difference. A titanium, rust proof flipper tag, as used in turtle research around the world.

    Money raised through these items funds our work to protect and conserve sea turtles.

  • Turtle Card

    $6.95 inc. GST

    Created from an original acrylic on paper artwork by Trish Le Moignan, this bright turtle card is great for any occasion you want to put a smile on someone’s face!

    Includes envelope.