• PET cap

    Eco Friendly Cap

    $22.95 inc. GST

    Sea Turtle Foundation now have our very popular caps back in stock. Only this time there is a difference. These caps are made from a light-weight, breathable polyester created from recycled PET bottles.

  • adopt-a-turtle-bags

    Turtle Adoption Pack

    $40.00 inc. GST
    Sea Turtle Foundation are happy to announce that we now have a limited number of Turtle Adoption Packs available for sale. Whilst we can’t actually send you a turtle, you will be helping STF support endangered sea turtle populations and ensure we have turtles for tomorrow.
    All proceeds from your adoption will be used to support various Sea Turtle Foundation projects to protect sea turtles throughout Australia and beyond

  • Medium

    STF Original KeepCup

    $14.00$18.00 inc. GST

    For the originals, inventive and lighthearted. Enjoy your favourite brew, a herbal tea, or something over ice in the World’s first Barista standard reusable cup. Designed for pure drinking pleasure on the go.

    These STF Keep Cups will allow you to keep your favourite drinks warm or cold whilst helping reduce marine debris and ensuring turtles for tomorrow by not using one-use disposable cups.

  • Turtle Trials DVD

    Turtle Trials DVD

    $4.95 inc. GST

    Turtle Trials – the story of a sea turtle’s migration (DVD).

    Swimming silently beneath the waves, a female sea turtle begins her epic migration to nest on a beach far away.

    However, what should be a journey of hope is fraught with danger. Despite swimming in the world’s oceans for over 120 million years and having few natural predators, sea turtles today face dangers that were unthinkable only 150 years ago; dangers that are threatening the world’s remaining sea turtle populations. The challenges she will have to face now come mainly from human activities.

    Follow her as she makes her incredible migration from feeding grounds to nesting beach and discover the trials that she and her hatchlings must face.

  • Outback Aboriginal Turtle Reef Can Holder

    Outback Aboriginal Turtle Reef Can Holder

    $9.95 inc. GST

    Can Holder made to insulate a cold drink in either can or bottle, made in Australia with artwork by by Aboriginal artist Susie Betts
    “Turtle Reef design”

  • Outback Aboriginal Whale-song Watch

    Outback Aboriginal Whale-song Watch

    $39.95 inc. GST

    A great item from the Outback Australian Artist Series, with artwork by leading contemporary Aboriginal artist Susan Betts.

  • STF Sunglasses Strap

    STF Sunglasses Strap

    $4.95 inc. GST

    Don’t lose your sunnies in the water again! With our new floating sunglass strap you can save the turtles and your eyes!

  • Sea Turtle Foundation Headsox

    STF Headsox

    $19.95 inc. GST

    Did you know many populations of sea turtles around the world are close to extinction.

    That’s why Headsox Crew together with the Sea Turtle Foundation (STF) and talented indigenous artist Garry Purchase have created this awesome Headsox design as a way for us all to give back.

  • Flipper Key Tag

    Flipper Key Tag

    $9.95 inc. GST

    Get yourself and all your friends the perfect gift that gives twice: once for the recipient, and once for the turtles!

    Money raised through these items funds our work to protect and conserve sea turtles.