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This t-shirt depicts the risk that increasing carbon dioxide emissions could lead to the potential demise of turtles. Have your friends guessing what your t-shirt means and start the conversation about global warming and how we all need to act now!

Now available in a light-weight organic cotton, these shirts are perfect

These t-shirts are a limited run so get in quick before they sell out

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Back by popular demand
Did you know that the sex of a turtle hatchling is determined by how warm the sand is where eggs are laid?

As our planet hots up, the portion of turtles being born female will heat up. A recent study of green turtles in the northern Great Barrier Reef showed that 99% of the juvenile turtles in that population are female.


What will this mean as all the old breeding male turtles die out?
Will there be enough males to keep the population going?
Increased global warming is going to affect many of the world’s species in ways we cannot even imagine.

Buy this fabulous t-shirt and start a conversation with your friends.

The front features a flow-chart showing that:
Increased carbon dioxide = increased global temperatures = an increasing number of females and decreasing males = the possible end of turtles

The back of the t-shirt has Sea Turtle Foundation’s slogan ‘Turtles for Tomorrow’

These light-weight unisex t-shirts are made from 100% organic combed cotton.

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