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Reduce your plastic waste by buying one of these fabulous foldable nylon shopping bags. They are a generous size for all of your shopping needs. Keep one or two of these in your handbag so that you are always prepared.

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By now, we all know that plastic shopping bags are a massive disaster for our planet. An increasing number of Australian state governments are putting legislation in place to ban the use of these single-use plastic, with Queensland joining the ban from July 2018.

Now is the perfect time to make the change and get yourself some reusable Sea Turtle Foundation nylon shopping bags. These bags can be used hundreds of times. They are large and strong enough to hold lots of you groceries, and can be rolled up into a neat little package that fits right in your hand bag or glove box. Never again will you need to be that person in the supermarket queue who suddenly realises that you’ve left your shopping bags are at home.

Size (W x H x D)  
420 x 400 x 80(base gusset) mm
190T Nylon