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A hardcover book by Steve Coleman and Sabine Carter.
This is a timeless tale of the ocean and it’s captivating magic for all ages.


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Jodi lives by the great ocean.

She loves the sea and its myriad strange and beautiful creatures that live there; with its tides flooding up to her favourite long sandy beach, then ebbing away to leave the old reef flats dry and glistening and beckoning, above the water.

Jodi also has a secret … one passed on to her from her wise, and somewhat playful, grandfather.

There is a catch: In order to experience the magic of her grandfather’s secret, Jodi has to first to pass a test. Will she succeed?

Join Jodi on her intriguing journey as she meets the challenge with quiet perseverance and surprising skill, reaping the reward of an under-water adventure of most unusual and magical proportions.


© S Coleman


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