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Reduce your waste production by getting a stylish reusable Sea Turtle Foundation coffee cup. Available in three sizes.

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Australia is undoubtedly a big coffee drinking nation. Millions upon millions of disposable coffee cups are used and thrown away every year. It is time for us all to contribute to a reduction in single-use products so why not start with your coffee habit.

Enjoy your favourite brew, a herbal tea, or something over ice in the World’s first Barista standard reusable cup. Designed for pure drinking pleasure on the go.

Polypropylene cup and lid are BPA/BPS free and 100% recyclable at the end of their life.
Lightweight and unbreakable.

Our KeepCups come in several sizes optimised for your coffee drinking preferences.

Internal volume227 ml340 ml454 ml
Comparable sizeIn-house latteĀ glassLarge mugJumbo mug
Base diameter60 mm60 mm60 mm
Lid off height81 mm111 mm134 mm
Weight0.084kg / 0.212kg0.092kg / 0.264kg0.106kg

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